Shipping couldn't get any simpler than it is here at Movie Poster Works...

We only offer two standard shipping options for both domestic and international shipping.  Due to the necessity to provide tracking and insurance both domestically and internationally, USPS priority mail has become our only option.

 Priority Mail w/Insurance


Domestic Flat Rate (1 to 3 business days)  - $14.00

Canada Flat Rate (2 to 5 business days) - $30.00

International Flat Rate (6 to 10 business days) - $45.00

Priority Mail Express w/Insurance

Domestic Flat Rate (Overnight to most) - $32.00

International Flat Rate - Available upon request.  

Free Shipping!

We offer free domestic (US) shipping on all order over $100 and a $14 discount for all international transactions (Standard Priority Only).

Economical Shipping Options

You may request (prior to purchase and checkout) more economical shipping options, but these will only be available for items purchased using cash, check, or money order.  MPW will not be responsible for shipping delays, lost packages, and/or damage if you choose an economical shipping option.  Items will not be insured unless requested by the buyer and/or available.  These will be at the buyer's risk and MPW will not extend or offer refunds for items shipped in such a manner.

Notes on Insurance

It is often requested due to importation duties that items be valued lower than the actual purchase price.  Unfortunately, to cover ourselves, all items shipped internationally will be insured for the full purchase price which will be reflected on the corresponding customs form.  Any request to ship with a listed value less than the purchase price (and without insurance), will only be considered if items are paid for using cash, check, money order or bank wire and arrangement made prior to purchase.  Once an uninsured package has been shipped, MPW will not be will not be responsible for shipping delays, lost packages, and/or damage.  Items not insured will be at the buyer's risk and MPW will not extend or offer refunds for items shipped in such a manner.

Our Shipping Methods

Flat Package (Folded Posters and other)

Folded posters and flat items will be placed in a clear plastic bag and sealed with either tape or by heat to prevent water penetration.  This bag will be taped to a sturdy piece of cardboard and placed either facing an additional piece of cardboard or sandwiched between two additional pieces of cardboard.  This "sandwich" will be shrink wrapped and placed in a thick "stay flat" envelope.

Tubes (Rolled Posters)

Tubes are often the most easily damaged.  Our shipping method is to first place your rolled poster(s) between two sheets of craft paper approximately 1.5 inches wider than the poster and rolled to a 2.5 inch diameter and then shrink wrapped.  This shrink wrapped 2.5 inch diameter package will be placed in a 3 inch (or greater) tube of 1/8 inch or greater thickness tube.  The additional 0.5 inch space on all sides of the poster will provide forgiveness if the tube is dinged or crushed and the additional 1.5 inches of length a cushion from back and forth movement within the tube.  At times we may also place the tube within a priority mail triangle pack box for additional protection.