Restoration Services

We often get asked if we offer direct conservation, support and restoration services for customer's posters.  The answer is sadly no.  

Movie Poster Works does not offer formal conservation, support and restorations services...

Why do you not offer these services?

- At the present we really enjoy the pace and purpose of our conservation and restoration efforts.  To compete with other major restorers, would require us to make a larger time and financial commitment and we fear it would only dilute the reasons why we do it - to bring old posters back to life.  We have come to the conclusion that our purpose in conservation and restoration will never be financially driven.  Plus, we really enjoying working on our schedule and on the projects we find challenging and meaningful.

What if I send you a poster, would you back and sell it for me?

-We are not taking consignments at this time, but we could always purchase the poster out right from you if you want to sell it.

Will you ever offer conservation and restoration services?

-There are no plans to offer these services at this time.  

If I wanted one of your posters that you were selling linenbacked, would you restore it for me?

- Depending on the poster and our workload, this may be the only time we would consider backing a poster "on demand".  Else we would be happy to have it backed for you by a third party.  We know what to look and ask for in a restorer, so you can be confident that it would be done right.

Is there any type of conservation or restoration that you would consider doing "on demand"?

- We would be happy to work on any poster that you purchase from our inventory that does not require linenbacking or major touch-up work.  For example, there is a poster that needs minor border touch-ups but does not need washing, deacidification and support.  We would be happy to spend 10 minutes or so touching up your poster as part of the purchase, if requested.