General FAQs

Why did you choose the name Movie Poster Works?

- The name Movie Poster Works is a combination of movie posters being works of art and the desire to work to restore and conserve posters in our care.

Do you sell on eBay?

- No.  Although eBay is a successful place for many dealers, we don't feel its structure helps us achieve our goals as an organization.  We are not "turn-over" oriented. If we don't sell a poster for many months that is fine - it's just one more poster we are able to enjoy.

Where do you get the images of your posters?

- All images are of the actual poster you would be receiving if purchased.

Do you provide a framing service?

- We will be happy to price out framing one of our posters.  Due to this being a third party service, we are not able to provide up-to-date framing options, but are happy to do the leg work.

Do you accept posters for consignment?

- We are not accepting posters for consignment at this time.

Do you accept offers on your posters?

- Yes, we are open to negotiating the price of a poster.  Please feel free to e-mail us.

Do you buy posters?

- See our "Do you buy?" page.

What is involved with a "Special Order Item"?

- See our "Special Order Item" page.

What are the "Find it for me!" icons?

- These are items not in our inventory that once were or are no longer for sale that we may be able to find again.  See our "Find it for me!" page.

Do you offer conservation and restoration services?

- See out "Restoration Services" page.