About MPW

We love movie posters.

We started collecting them.

Why are we opening this online store????

We have been collectors for almost 20 years. While collecting, we routinely came across wonderful posters that needed much love and care. These posters had seen better days and were in need of professional restoration. After a bad experience with a professional restoration expert, we decided to use all our abilities and knowledge to learn the art and science of the Conservation, Support and Restoration of paper.

We started small by restoring less expensive titles until comfortable with the process and procedures. We further challenged ourselves with more difficult restorations and more valuable titles and have true confidence in our skills. During this journey we have developed a passion for restoration just a great as our love for movie posters and memorabilia.

To continue our journey and further challenge ourselves, we have decided to finance our conservation, support and restoration passion by selling the posters that we restore. We have also decided to offer many wonderful posters from our very large collection.

At Movie Poster Works, we strive to accomplish the following:

  • Bring damaged and neglected posters back to life through our Conservation, Support and Restoration Initiative,
  • Earn your trust with unmatched customer service,
  • Make it easy to find that special item for your collection,
  • What you see and read is what you get, we will never mislead you with omissions concerning item descriptions,
  • Create a worry-free environment with our 100% money back authenticity guarantee and easy return policy,
  • Educate you on building and caring for a collection, and
  • Build a relationship with you and film lovers across the world.

Conservation, Support and Restoration (CSR) Initiative

We seek to demonstrate that every movie poster and accessory, even those that have been damaged by neglect and the ravages of time, has inherent historical value and can be just as powerful today, as they were seen by movie goers on opening night. Through our passion for conservation and restoration, we will offer to collectors many posters that have been forgotten, beaten and/or abused that have been made new again for generations to experience and enjoy.  This specific subset of our inventory, conserved and restored posters, will be denoted by the following icon:


Educating New Collectors

As collectors ourselves, we seek to continue to educate the next generation about film accessories, their origins and history, as well as how to properly build and care for a collection.  If you are new to the hobby of collecting film memorabilia give us a call or e-mail us any questions you may have.  We will, over time, build a repository of information on our site.


Contact Us

Movie Poster Works
PO Box 40099
Houston, TX 77240
Phone: (832) 674-8124


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About the Owners

Movie Poster Works is owned and operated by Charles and Roma Stevens.  Charlie has been collecting poster for more than 17 years and has amassed not only a sizable collection but expert knowledge in the hobby of collecting posters. Generally focusing on movie posters, Charlie has decided to catalog and make available many of the posters in his collection, as well as build inventory through the acquisition of collections and discoveries.  Together, Charles and Roma have also developed a passion for the art of paper conservation and restoration through study and self teaching. Charles and Roma will also build a specific inventory of conserved and restored posters through the Conservation, Support and Restoration Initiative.

Of course as with any collector, there are simply some that Charlie would never part with but are still cataloged on the site and he would be happy to help find a copy for you.

Charlie is also the owner and operator of a conservation and restoration blog that he founded in 2012.  This blog documents much of Charles' and Roma's journey in learning how to conserve and restore paper, also commonly referred to as linenbacking in the movie poster collector's world.

Lastly, Charlie is a co-owner of the Vintage Movie Posters Forum ( that provides a place for socializing and discussion about all things movie posters - come and join us!