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We've been working hard to get our studio updated and in order to take on more projects.  Recently we added over 45 square feet of improved work space including 30 square feet of water proof counter space to allow for wet work.  These tops were place on rolling flat files and allow us to store our working materials such as mylar, holytex, blotter paper, tissues and the like right where we need them.  The lower drawers are of course full of posters.  Believe it or not we have thousands of posters that aren't even listed yet...

In the past we have always had a very difficult time taking photographs of large format posters. Most notable is the French 1-panel measuring ~47" x 63"...  We recently added an additional steel panel that will allow us to easily photograph 3-Sheets, Italian 1-Panels (Blue Velvet shown), and French 1-Panels.  

It is always exciting to see plans take shape.  We always have something on the list...  With these improvements you should start seeing some large format posters and more restored items appearing on the site.  Stay tuned!




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